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We had a nice surprise in that one of our clients sent us a model of one of their tractor units and trailers. I suspect they were tired of seeing a competitor’s model we were using to explain Placement Journeys, Article 12’s and in Driver CPC and the model we had was getting a bit knocked and would certainly be subject of many a PG9 and prohibitions from the DVSA.

Opened the box, put the model on the table and went to make a brew. On returning to the table was shocked to see that the Toy Town Police had stopped the truck already after it only being ‘on the road’ for 15 minutes.

Fortunately the driver had already done their daily checks, recorded it as other work and filled out their slick Aquarius Clockwatcher defect reporting app on their phone.

I watched the encounter, the check of the driver hours, the wander round, kick a few tyres and the driver, tractor and trailer was given the full ‘All Clear” and a “Well Done Driver” and in this case the happy Toy Town Police resumed patrol to find another truck or coach.

What we want to say is, are your drivers ready for a roadside check? Do they know the regulations? Do you as an Operator know them? Are you prepared for an impromptu visit from the DVSA to inspect your operation in both Driver Hours and Maintenance?

Remember the DVSA don’t have to make an appointment they can and will enter at any reasonable time.

An audit might be just what you may need to help you sleep from the nightmares of Toy Town.

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